TOC Oil cooler was firslty provided services to Caterpillar in 1979. After gaining wide experience from Caterpillar firm TOC Oil cooler started to production in 1990 and became a brand that associated with high quality shell and tube oil coolers. All replacement parts made according to samples of original parts. Each product has OEM quality but not OEM price tag.

TOC Oil cooler has a wide range of tube type oil coolers in stock for Caterpillar and JCB. But we are also capable to produce any tube type cooler if sample provided. We can also upgrade our products according to our customers’ requests. Also, all TOC Oil cooler products have one-year warranty.

TOC Oil cooler also produces non-metallic end sheets for oil coolers. Thanks to our neoprene end sheets, non-metallic baffles and with no brazed joints oil coolers will be less effected by shock and vibration. There will be no metal-to-metal contact increasing the lifetime of the part. Tests have shown that our Neoprene end sheets exceed OEM standards. These oil coolers have Copper-nickel tubing.

TOC Oil cooler is exporting goods to many big companies that located in Australia, Europe, Asia and the U.S.A.