TOC Oil cooler is a worldwide manufacturer in the oil cooler industry. We do not only supply goods to Europe, Asia and U.S.A. but also we have a distributor in Australia. TOC Oil cooler is a supplier of Caterpillar oil coolers as well as Komatsu, Cummins, JCB and BOWMAN equipment.

TOC Tech represents our special movable internal kits. The internal kits of some of our coolers are not welded to outer body and the internal kit moves freely in the casing. This helps to obtain better oil circulation and prevent the pipe cracking due to thermal expansion of the weld. We prevent the leakage with O-Rings system on one side and fixed stainless bolts on the other side.

TOC Oil cooler also provides higher performance and more durable products than OEM parts thanks to our advanced technology.

TOC Oil cooler does not only pass on huge savings but also offers warranty of quality. The casings of these products remain when the next maintenance time comes, the only thing needs to change is the internal kit.

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